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WHMCS Daddy is a premier service distributor for completely functional, unique modules that are adaptable, scalable, and extensible platforms with various apps and connectors. Our qualified experts are available around-the-clock to meet your need for customized WHMCS module growth and development. Use our ready-to-use tools to manage your business at an acceptable price effectively.


A detailed tutorial on how to set up a new WHMCS theme or template from scratch or how to contact us for assistance.

Clients Password Change

The new Client’s Password Change module we’ve developed makes it easier for WHMCS operators to reset client passwords. Our Client’s Password Change module allows administrators to safely reset client passwords without exposing personal information.

Digigo WHMCS Module

Digigo’s WHMCS Module is an add-on that simplifies customer verification within the famous WHMCS web hosting management and payment platform. Current WHMCS customers can have a verification link emailed to them using this module.

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Having multitudes of available apps and connectors for connection, WHMCS Daddy is a great service provider for completely functional customized modules that are multipurpose, WHMCS modules, WHMCS themes, whmcs addon, whmcs provisioning, whmcs gateways, whmcs report, whmcs orderform, whmcs custom hooks, IPTV. Our qualified experts are accessible around-the-clock to meet your needs for developing customized WHMCS modules. Consequently, manage your company effectively with our ready-to-use goods at a reasonable cost.



You can get the latest WHMCS Themes and templates all in one place, and they all have a unique look and the finest custom-built functionality.

Clients Password Change


Our clients benefit most from updating their passwords and email addresses frequently. Quickly Determine the Best Subsystem Available!

Digigo WHMCS Module


If you use WHMCS, a popular web hosting administration and billing system, the Digigo WHMCS Module can help you verify your customers. You can email existing WHMCS customers with a verification link using this add-on.

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Consider using our experts’ assistance to create customized WHMCS themes and modules for all types
of businesses following your preferred timetable.


A detailed tutorial on how to set up a new WHMCS theme or template from scratch or how to contact us for assistance.


By increasing the platform’s capabilities and developing visually appealing bespoke WHMCS modules and themes for you, we automate the way you work.


Only the API documentation for the specific gateway is required for our experts to customize the payment gateway implementation into your WHMCS.

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The customer success workforce is well aware of the significance of providing evidence of the service's worth to every client in a systematic and timely trendsetter.

We recognize that our product is critical to our customers' enterprises. Our Success with Customers Management is responsible for analysing and reviewing client accounts once three times per year.

The online business environment's reputation will improve proportionally to the number of positive comments about your offerings.

To achieve customer success, we must work together with our clients. Our progress will always be connected to that of our clients.

Regarding our customers, we know that building lasting bonds is the key to our shared success. You can count on our constant commitment to you and your continued progress.

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