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Clients Password Change

The only way to recover a forgotten password is to know the WHMCS admin password. Thanks to our modules, customers have full access to all password management and email inquiry features. Get your order in right away and take advantage of our services.

Digigo WHMCS Module

Digio WHMCS Module to helps you to verification your whmcs existing customers, you send a verification link from Digio WHMCS Module to your client mail address. By clicking on that verification link, your client can easily verify his credentials like an Aadhar card without entering its 12-digit unique numbers.

Client Identity Verification WHMCS Module

Stripe Identity Verification
As you already know that we deal in several products so, we have introduced a system that only those who are genuine or real buyers can go for verification only not the visitors. For example, you are going to buy a product, so, before buying or completing your order, there will be a pop-up of Stripe Identity Verification which requires your email address.
So, once you click on click, verify your details then you can complete the order.
Important to note here that those who are our existing clients don’t need to follow this process. Admin can select the client & manually verify it. So, existing clients can easily buy any product where our new clients require the minutes of the verification process.